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I am definitely serum obsessed, but not all serums are created equal. I love the fact that there are so many serums on the market now. It took cosmetic companies a long time to come up with formulations that actually worked in serum form. There has been a cream for every type of skincare concern for a long time, but there was not much more skin care companies could do to evolve creams so...

Then came serums. At first, they were a little too strong and irritating or not quite effective enough. Now they are offered in most skincare lines and are the best choice for effectively changing the skins texture, color, lines, dullness, and pore size. I have tried enough serums for all of you, and these five are my must-have for every woman.

Skin Ceuticals:

This lines primary focus is on skin correcting serums. The CE Ferulic serum has so much good stuff in it, I am not sure where to begin! First of all, the super antioxidant ingredients are in their most effective form for actually changing your skin. In my Cal Poly days I took a LOT of chemistry and just to make it easy for you, this is the good stuff! The combination of antioxidant ingredients not only protects your skin from free radicals like UV rays, and ozone pollution it reverses the damage that you already have. Yep, you read that right people. It really does turn back the hands of time.

This product can be used by young and old with excellent results. Regardless of the skin concern, it will improve it. The refreshing citrus scent and the light texture make it easy to layer with other products and the science behind this line is undeniable. Using it daily will surprise even the biggest skeptic.


Vintner’s Daughter:

This serum I was introduced to earlier this year. My friend Paula showed it to me when I was looking at serums in her Beauty Habit warehouse. Let me tell you, it’s a must-have. First of all this serum smells sooooo good. I liked it so much after using it myself I started using it in my office treatments and almost every time I apply it to a client, they say “What is that? It smells sooooo good?”. I could sell this stuff just from the smell, I swear.

With that said, that is not the main reason I love it. I love how the thick texture melts right into my skin. I love how hydrated I feel without feeling greasy. I love how quickly any dryness or irritation goes away after using it a day or two. The ingredients are raw, 100% organic and it doesn’t have parabens, sulfates or synthetic fragrance (which is the #1 irritant to skin). Can you say winning?!


IS Clinical Genexc Serum:

IS Clinical is my favorite medical grade line on the market right now. I carry it in the clinic and recommend it to all my clients that want to see healthy results ASAP. This serum is a must-have to turn back the clock when it comes to lines, pigmentation, crepey texture and large pores. The IS Clinical line is clinically proven to enhance the foundation of healthy skin, don’t we all need some of that? It has a powerful dose of enzymes, antioxidants and fruit acids that work synergistically to visibly improve firmness, elasticity, tone, texture, color and give your skin an overall glow. When you want real bang for your buck, grab this serum. It won’t disappoint.


African Botanics Cell Recovery Serum:

I am newly obsessed with this Marula Oil based line. This serum has a combination of actives like retinol to renew, reservatrol to speed up cell turnover, and liposomes to plump and deeply nourish the skin. The Hyaluronic Acid and green sea algae attracts water to the skin and prevents moisture loss, which everyone over 30 needs. This serums main focus is to correct the tale tell signs of cellular slow down (like I said over 30’s). You call tell it dramatically changes the effects the harsh sun has on your skin after just one use, and the amazing texture makes you want to just keep putting on more. The ingredients are non-toxic which is a major added bonus. I haven’t come across a client yet who doesn’t love it. I recommend it at night time under your favorite night cream. Give some a try, they don’t call it the resurrection serum for nothing.


Joanna Vargas Rescue Serum:

Joanna Vargas is a celebrity esthetician who has always focused on non-toxic skin care. She now has a line of her own products that are great for all skin types. I love it so much I started carrying it in my clinic. Since the first day I had the line in the clinic I literally can’t keep her Rescue Serum from selling out! The texture is hydrating but not oily. You can use it day and night under your favorite sunscreen or moisturizer and over time it helps everything from lines and pigmentation to brightening and firming the skin. The smell is light but heavenly and even the packaging is pretty, you actually want to keep it out on your bathroom sink. If you are a serum rookie, this one is a great place to start because you really can’t go wrong. Nice work Joanna!


I change my serums all of the time because my skin always needs something different depending on the season, the weather (and we all know it’s so inconsistent these days) and even the time of the month. Right now I am using IS Clinical Genexc during the day to protect and Vintners daughter at night to keep my skin nourished. I hope you guys give one or more of these serums a try knowing you are doing something really great for your skin health!



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