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Oxygen Facials: Procedure and its Benefits

As we age our cells lose their ability to deliver oxygen to the skin, by 30 the oxygen reaching our skin has declined by 25% and by the time we are 50 it has fallen to just 50%. This has a significant and dramatic effect on our skin’s natural health and appearance.

Oxygen Facials are one of the most popular medical facial treatments to improve the skins texture, tone and overall radiance. Here are the steps in my medical grade oxygen facial and how each step benefits your skins health.

1.) Cleanse - Proper double cleansing of the skin is the first step in getting the best result with your facial. Using an enzyme based cleanser that breaks down oil, dirt, debris and makeup is key to create a canvas for a radiant result. This should be done on the entire face, neck, lips and behind the ears as those areas are often missed. This step is underrated but extremely important for your skin to receive maximum benefits .

2.) Exfoliate - Removing dead skin cells on the skins upper layers is the second step. This is done with a diamond microdermabrasion wand. This wand feels like a gentle vacuum cleaner on the skin. It stimulates the circulation in the skin and stimulates collagen production by increasing cell turnover.

The removal of dead skin results in the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, scarring and decreased pore size. This step prepares the skin to be able to properly absorb the highly concentrated form of vitamin serums that are infused in the oxygen.

3.) De-fuzz - Dermaplaning is the next step to clear the skin of any peach fuzz on the cheeks, chin and around the mouth. This is done with a dermaplaning blade specially made to gently remove vellus hair on the face. This step is key to allow maximum penetration of antioxidant serums. This de-fuzzing also brightens the skin by reducing dark spots and further smoothing the skins texture.

hand reaching for vitamin serums

4.) Vitamin Serums - Layering concentrated vitamin serums directly on to the skin through massage begins the absorption process. This vitamin serum mask increases circulation of essential nutrients the skin needs to function optimally. A proprietary blend of vitamins A, C, E and 87 natural minerals are used to protect the skin from free radicals that age the skin.

5.) Hydrate - Once the vitamin serum mask is applied enzymes and amino acids are saturated on to a gauze, applied to the skin and covered with a wet, warm towel. The heat in the warm towel opens up the pores to allow an osmotic hydration process to occur. This step draws moisture into the skin to nourish the cells beneath the epidermis.

6.) Oxygen - Using a sub-micronic oxygen infusion method vitamins are pulled deeply into the skin with an oxygen mist. Millions of oxygen molecules per second are absorbed into the skin as it is saturated with highly concentrated vitamins and minerals. You can feel your skins firmness increase as the oxygen is absorbed into the skin.

In addition, acne can't grow in the presence of oxygen. So the oxygen mist significantly reduces breakouts and helps clear acne immediately.

7.) LED Red Light - To finish your oxygen facial, LED red light should be used to reduce inflammation in the skin and increase collagen production. The red light increases blood flow to damaged tissues and acts on cells in the skin called fibroblasts which play a role in the production of collagen. Collagen is associated with younger looking skin.

Oxygen Facials are amazing for all skin types and skin tones. Even the most sensitive skin type will walk out with healthy, glowing skin. You can expect the affects of an oxygen facial to last a minimum of 2-4 weeks. Once a month is recommended to see continuous improvements in your skins health.

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