Erasa XEP-30

Erasa XEP-30




Erasa’s exclusive, patented technology with the line reducing power of non-invasive XEP 30 neuropeptide is combined with 3 other powerful neuropeptides to create the ultimate peptide complex. XEP 30 is a biomimetic molecule that mimics the peptide found in cone snail venom. This complex works gently beneath the skins’ surface day by day, helping to relax forehead and facial areas, smoothing lines and wrinkles. The patent pending delivery system insures ingredient action with proper specificity and maximum efficacy. Complementing actives are also in Erasa to diminish redness, age-spots and create a new firmness and dimension for perfect looking skin. With continued use, wrinkles and lines are smoothed and filled without blocking visual muscle movement that causes the terrifying “frozen face”, a common side effect of injectables.


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