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Hey ladies! So many of my clients and friends ask me about meditation, wonder if it really works, what the benefits have been for me, etc. So I decided a meditation post was a must.

I started meditating about four years ago. I had never done it before and had no clue what to do. I came across a Deepak Chopra guided 20-minute meditation that I felt like I could follow and so I did. I found a quiet place in the house, sat down, pushed play, and closed my eyes.

I really didn’t know what was supposed to happen, so I just sat there with my eyes closed and listened to Oprah then Deepak then light noises in the background like flowing water and birds chirping. I was saying my mantra over and over in my mind as Deepak instructed, but my mind was still racing the entire time, and I was starting to think this meditation thing isn’t really working. But, by the end of my first meditation, I remember thinking I was so relaxed I didn’t want to open my eyes. I also realized I felt calm, happy and much less anxious.

The first few times you meditate you aren’t really sure what is suppose to happen. You may not even realize you don’t know what to do until you try it. Our world is so busy we don’t really stop and take a minute to just be. Meditation will show you the way to get still, listen to yourself, your intuition, and your heart.

You can meditate anywhere. There are classes all over the place you can sign up for just like a spin class, or you can simply do it at home. You can do guided meditations like I did with Deepak or on your own. I have always done guided meditations at home in a peaceful dark room with my yoga mat, room spray, and water. I love meditating first thing in the morning when I wake up. I also love going outside on the weekends, finding a tree or a quiet place, closing my eyes, and listening to nature. It may sound like a little thing to do, but I promise you it will make a big impact on your life and your level of happiness.

To make it simple, I have listed below the positive benefits you will have if you meditate regularly.

1.) Emotional Well-being: • Lessens stress, anxiety, and worry in general. • Decreased fear and depression. • Increased self-worth, self-esteem, and self-acceptance. • Improves resiliency after trauma and pain. • Lifts your mood and emotional awareness. • Prevents emotional eating and smoking. • Boosts feelings of relaxation and optimism.

2.) Healthy Body: • Decreases blood pressure. • Improves breathing. • Improves immune system response. • Increases energy. • Lengthens longevity. • Decreases inflammation in the body.

3.) Sharp Mind: • Raises cognitive skills. • Increases creative thinking. • Helps focus and information processing. • Better problem-solving decision making. • Increases memory retention. • Calms people with ADHD.

What I know for sure is meditation calms me, makes me happy, gives me clarity, and keeps me grounded. I know am in control of my life and my life alone. Anyone else’s energy, how they act or react is their energy, not mine. This shift makes me focus on what I can control, not what I can’t and trust me, that makes life simpler and full of joy. I hope you try meditating and see how different it makes you feel. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on how meditating has improved your life!


xoxo, TT

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