• Tiffany Turnham


I love healthy food that's quick and filling. I started making this avocado toast when I was hungry during the day and needed a fast meal to tide me over until dinner. It takes me 2-3 minutes to prepare and I feel like my body says "thank you" when I'm done! I have recently shared this recipe with a few clients while chatting about how we all mainly eat at home now. The ladies who tried it said I should share this easy recipe with all of you. So, here it is. My Perfect Avo Toast is simple, tasty, and good for your skin. High-quality olive oil and salt make ALL the difference from your average avocado toast. Give this recipe a try and let me know if you start making it every day!


- 2 slices of organic sprouted grain Ezekiel bread

- 1 medium ripe avocado

- Maldon sea salt flakes

- Olio Verde Olive Oil

- Red pepper flakes


1) In a small bowl gently mash one full medium avocado with the backside of a fork.

2) Toast bread to your desired crispness.

Top toasted bread with mashed avocado.

3) Drizzle olive oil over the avocado. Top lightly with sea salt and red pepper flakes. Enjoy immediately!


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