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Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Most of you know I am an extremely organized person. I love my space and how it functions, it is a key ingredient to my life and what makes me happy. Many of you come into TTB and ask about the decor, where I got ideas for the space and how I stay organized in the office and at home. Now that so many of you are cleaning out your closets for fall I decided to share one of my favorite books to help you organize your closet and your life! It’s by Marie Kondo and its called the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. You can buy the book or even listen to the audio version but I will give you the cliff notes to the benefits of using her techniques for organizing and why it will make your life richer.

Marie’s approach is first about your space and then about how cleaning out your physical space opens up your mental and emotional space as well. This is the “life-changing” part of the book title. Ultimately once you follow her steps to clean out your closet, categories of items in your home (not by room), and end up with just the items you LOVE and use in your home you will feel lighter and ultimately much happier.

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Marie’s techniques include being able to SEE all of your belongings at the same time. Not tucking away your winter clothes for the summer season and brining it back out again when the weather cools down. One of my favorite tips is not stacking things inside a drawer so you

can see every one of those pair of workout pants lined up nicely in a row for you to easily grab and go. These tips will make you fall in love with your closet again and fall in love with your home. Everywhere you look are only things you love and that is a win, win, win in my world! Here are the FEEL good benefits you will have after following Marie’s guide:

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1.) Getting dressed is soooo fun! No more digging through a ton of clothes to find what I am looking for. Only my favorites and I am out the door looking better than ever. Bam!

2.) I can see what I might NEED (let’s be honest ladies, we don’t need anything) but you can easily see the few things you might want to fill in your wardrobe with to stay current with the new season.

3.) I only collect things I L.O.V.E. You all know I have collected blue and white pottery for over 20 years now. I love adding new pieces and finding just the right place to put them in my house.

4.) Cleaning is much easier. No clutter means wipe and go. Nobody wants tons of “accessories” all over the house so you can’t see the beautiful coffee table they are sitting on. This makes sure you see that amazing table AND your favorite belongings right on top of it.

5.) Now here is the best one, all kinds of decisions are easily falling in to place! With my space organized just the way I like it, things like my next project in the office or where I want to take my next vacation happen seamlessly. The mental weight of “too much clutter” ends up keeping you stagnant and not moving forward. Freeing up that mental space makes moving forward easy, light, and fun!

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Go grab this book and watch what it does for you. I PROMISE if you follow her steps you will be pleasantly surprised how great a good clean out makes you feel and how much happier you are in life as a result of it!

Happy Organizing!



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