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About a year ago I was under an unusual amount of stress, and a colleague of mine suggested collagen supplements. I was under the impression that collagen supplements didn’t really have many benefits and had never considered taking them before. At the time, I was having a hard time sleeping, I felt like my hair was falling out, my nails were peeling, and my skin started to look dull and not as plump as usual. Now, all of these things could be changing as I get older of course but I felt like I noticed a sudden change, and I wanted to find a solution to improve my symptoms.

Before I tell you what collagen supplements I recommend let me start by giving you a mini-lesson about collagen. Collagen is a special type of protein called a polypeptide that forms a long chain that acts as a kind of glue and support inside your body. Collagen makes up our skin, hair, nails, muscles, and organs and approximately 70% of our skin is made of collagen. Us ladies pay big bucks to keep it in there! Now, your body produces collagen in abundance in all of these areas of the body. The problem is, as you get older it produces less and less which causes signs of aging.

Bulletproof Chocolate Collagen Protein

Typically when someone starts taking collagen, they are aware of one or two benefits, but as they continue taking them, they start to realize other concerns of theirs are starting to improve as well.

After taking collagen for almost a year and trying a few different types of collagen supplements here are the benefits I think are good for anyone over 35. Some of these I experienced personally, some I just want my readers to know about after doing more research.

• Reduction of lines and wrinkles in skin • Increased elasticity in skin • Stronger nails • Improved hair strength and increased growth • Balances hormones (who doesn’t need that?) • Promotes healing of injuries • Relieves arthritis pain • Improved digestion • Improved liver health • Supports bone repair • Helps prevent bone loss • Protects cardiovascular health • Alleviates anxiety • Promotes restful sleep • Reduces cellulite and prevents stretch marks (don’t all run out at the same time now)

Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen

Beauty Bursts

Reserveage Collagen Builder Whole Foods Collagen Green Apple

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Since there are so many hydrolyzed collagen products on the market, ultimately you have to do your own research to find the supplements that you feel work best for you. It definitely involves some trial and error. Some products that work for one person may not seem to work for another so it's not one size fits all. Go to your local Whole Foods or Erewhon and spend some time in the collagen supplements isle and start by choosing one that you think you will actually take! Convenience is a huge factor in our busy lives. Give it a month or two and see if you notice any changes, I bet you do. I love hearing what products work for all my readers so let me know what is working for you and why you love it! I can’t wait!

xoxo, TT

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