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Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Every season I change my beauty routine. As the weather cools down here is what I do to plan for fall.

1.) Makeup - I always start with a good makeup clean out. I start with my brushes and decide

which ones I need to toss. Once a brush loses too much hair or the shape just isn’t what it used to be its gotta go. I love Morphe brushes. They are made of sable and goat bristles which are soft, don’t shed, and are 100% animal cruelty free. Then I move on to my makeup. All those products that you know you never use and the ones that you DO use but there is barely any left in the bottom of it. Say good bye to those. You need new warmer makeup colors for fall, less bronzer and much less highlighting! You can always head to Sephora for eyeshadow and cheek palettes like Urban Decay Naked2 and Nars Atomic Blonde Eye and Cheek Palette

2.) Hair - Time to get rid of all the half bottles of hair products you really don't use. The fall is

time for “hair repair” as I like to call it. We have all been in the sun for months during the

summer which makes it lighter, dry, brittle and gives us split ends. Now is the time I like to get a hydrating shampoo/conditioner and a deep hydrating mask as well as bring back the darker tones in my roots. My favorite is Oribe Women's Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo & Conditioner and the Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque.

3.) Cosmetics - How much skin care do you have in your bathroom that you actually use every

day? I thought so. Time to switch out the products you don't use regularly for fresh ways to

exfoliate, hydrate and protect for fall. I love Barbara Sturm's Hyaluronic Acid Serum for deep

hydration and her Super Anti-Aging Serum to protect against the blue light in all of our electronics! Using them for months now has made a huge difference in the texture of my skin. You can keep products you use less often like facial masks. I love Eve Lom's Moisture Mask and Aging Defying Smoothing Treatment to plump and deeply hydrate my skin every week.

4.) Clothes - Time to bring out the sweaters, boots and coats. Fall is my favorite time of year

and I can’t wait to wear layers as it gets cooler. Before I do that, I always go through my closet and take out the things I don’t fit in 😏, know I will never wear again or haven’t worn in years. It doesn’t matter how much I spent on it, if I don’t wear it I don’t wear it and it goes. I typically donate to a local shelter or charity which makes me feel good and leaves my closet full of just my favorite things. My favorite places to shop for fall freshness are Elyse Walker and Net-A-Porter.

5.) Food - Yes, even the food I eat is part of my fall beauty routine. I like to start with a glass of lemon water every morning to purify my liver before I have a green juice or my typical eggs, avocado and freshly made salsa breakfast. I also am sure to increase my good fats in every meal so my skin doesn’t get dry as the heaters come on and the cold winds pick up. I shop at Erewhon, Whole Foods and Trader Joes. As always, I try to keep it organic.

I hope this fall refresh inspires you to update your beauty routine for the season. I am getting excited for cozy nights, warm sweaters and having you all looking your best!!



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