• Tiffany Turnham


Ok ladies, this is a big one. How do I organize my makeup? Being the semi OCD person that I am I love being able to always see ALL of my makeup at once. I want to see all of my products and colors so I can be creative anytime I have some new inspiration. I organize my makeup with these clear acrylic stackable drawers. You can use them for a zillion different things, but I love love love them for my makeup. You can stack them any way you want depending on how much counter space you have, and they easily wipe clean.

As you can see I probably have more makeup than I need for any one day. I love trying new makeup products, colors, feeling the textures and seeing what effect they have when I apply them. I organize the drawers by type of product. For example, all of my primers are in one drawer, blushes in another, all eyeshadows in another.

The real trick in makeup organizing is the planning. Look at your inventory and what you really use. Keep only what you know you love and think about how much space you need for each different type of product. For me, I started by separating my products on the bathroom floor and took pictures of everything. I got my acrylic stackable drawers at The Container Store, but you can also get them at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. Choose the best ones for your counter space and budget. While you’re at the store set up the trays like you would at home. Be sure you have a spot for each type of makeup referring to the pics you took at home. I added a separate section on top of mine for lipsticks and brushes.

Once you get it home, stack it up the way you like it and have a blast putting all of your makeup inside. It is so fun when you put your makeup on, and everything you have is completely organized! You feel like a school girl playing with an Easy Bake Oven, when you open each drawer there’s a treat inside! Hope you give it a try and have some girlie fun!!!

xoxo, TT

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