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Updated: Jul 3, 2018

I love sushi, like reallyy love sushi. So much so that I have to be careful I don’t eat too much of it! When I do, I try to eat it in a healthy way so I can get as much of the good stuff as possible. I also like to have sushi when I want to lose a few pounds. If I have sushi or a shake for dinner, I can usually lose a few pounds in a week or even less! Surprisingly, sushi can actually not be so great for you, so here are my guidelines to eating sushi in a healthy way. 

1) Get Green Tea.I know everyone doesn’t love hot green tea, but the benefits are a must when you eat sushi! Green tea has anti-fungal effects and helps kill microbes that cause bad breath. Having just a couple sips when you eat sushi will keep your mouth from smelling fishy and make sure you don’t end up with a belly ache afterward. 

2) I always get a cucumber salad to start.Most people order edamame, but this is a healthier choice especially for women. Cucumber salad takes the edge off if I am super hungry so I can wait patiently for the rest of my food (I am Italian and can easily fill up on bread, oink oink). Skip the bread btw, but I think you already know that.

3) I focus on the fish.There are always soooo many choices when you go to sushi, and now that I have been to so many sushi restaurants, I know what I like. I usually stick to my favorite fish and leave out the rice and sauces. I always order a rainbow roll no rice and albacore sashimi. If they have a fresh fish of the day I will order that sashimi style and usually dip it in a little ponzu sauce or low sodium soy sauce. I have to say when you don’t have rice, sauce, and tempura you don’t get full as fast so you will typically eat more sushi (and it will cost a little more) but it is totally worth it!

4) Try wrapping it in cucumber.Most of the time if you have a favorite cut or hand roll you like you can ask for no or light rice and have it wrapped in cucumber instead. If you haven’t tried this before do it the next time you go out for sushi. Its healthier and I love the crunch of the cucumber!

5) Skip the tempura. As much as I love a little crunch, when it comes to sushi, I skip the tempura. Usually, sushi rolls that have tempura in it also have a sweet sauce on it which is no bueno for the carbs and the calories.

6) Avoid the mochi for dessert and opt for a few slices of orange to cleanse your palate.The orange is obviously less fat and calories, but it also gets rid of that fishy taste in your mouth. If it's date night, be sure to get the orange so you can still smooch your hottie at the end of the night!

xoxo,  TT

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